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Welcome to the Toney eLog!


Where in the World are the Toneys?

as of May 2009 we are:

in Belize for the April 2009 Leadership DTS


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The April 09 Leadership DTS is underway aboard Imagine and Dreamer in Belize. We so love what we do! This is our 9th school aboard the boats and is going to be a good one!

The January school is still on outreach in Roatan and Internships from the Setptember 08 school have nearly completed internships.

We are very excited that the very first Divers DTS starts this coming August and we're praying about other secondary schools in our near future as well!

We hope you enjoy our family web site. We welcome your thoughts and comments! Many blessings to you!

With The Wind,

Chris and Lynn


© 2008 Chris and Lynn Toney